The Kancha Mandir, as the name suggests, is a temple made entirely of glass and mirrors. It is also known as the Seth Hukamchand Temple, as it was built in the early 20th century by Sir Hukamchand Seth, the “cotton king”. It is primarily a Jain temple and is a wonder in glass. The walls, ceilings, floors, pillars, doors, everything here is completely covered with glass. Kanch Mahal has always been an object of interest for almost all Hindu rulers of India The dazzling Sheesh Mahal at Alam Fort in Rajasthan is an exemplary piece of art and provides a breathtaking sight. The glass palace of Indore is somewhat similar. The major difference is that it is a temple rather than a palace. Due to its beauty, the palace attracts many tourists. The glass temple is located very close to Rajwada. The temple is decorated with thousands of mirrors with ceramic tiles the size of the temple. The charisma of the temple is intensified with fragrantly crafted Chinese lantern-type glass lamps and cut glass brooms. The glass interiors of the temple are just mesmerizing. The temple has more than 50 murals depicting Jain stories. He also portrays the conversion of Jainism, persecution of sinners into divine life, and 19th-century court life. Kanch Mahal is quite different from all other monuments in the country.