Miracles of Khajrana Ganesh temple located in Indore are quite popular among the devotees. It is a world famous Ganesh temple of the country. There is a belief associated with Khajrana Ganesh that every wish of the devotees is fulfilled here. On completion of the vow, the devotees make a swastika on the back of the idol of Lord Ganesha and the Lord Ganesha is offered modak.
 Lord Ganesha of Khajrana Ganesh Temple gave a dream to the local Pandit Mangal Bhatt for the construction of the temple. He had told everyone about this dream, after which Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar heard about this dream, he took it very seriously and according to the dream, the place was excavated when the statue of Lord Ganesha was obtained. After which the temple was built here. Today, with the fulfillment of every wish of the devotees, this temple has gained world-class fame. 
 The temple was built by Maharani of Holkar dynasty   Ganesh Temple at Khajrana, Indore was built in 1735 by Queen Ahilyabai of Holkar dynasty. According to beliefs, devotees do three circumambulation of this temple and tie thread on the temple wall.   Wednesday has special significance 
 Though Lord Ganesha is worshiped before performing every auspicious task, but the Khajrana Ganesh temple has the largest crowd of devotees on Wednesday. Devotees reach here from far and wide to worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday. On this day special aarti is organized here. 
Bappa is the super selector of Team India 
    Whenever the cricketers of Team India come to Indore, they definitely go to the Ganesh temple in Khajrana to seek Bappa's blessings. Ajinkya Rahane once said in the temple premises at the time of the darshan that all the players of Team India consider Khajrana Ganesh as Super Selector of Team India. Only after getting Bappa's blessings, are selected in the team and perform well.