Ranjit Hanuman Temple is located on Footi Kothi Road, Indore. Hundreds of devotees come here every day to worship. He is called the miraculous Ranjit Hanuman. It is said that every wish sought here is fulfilled. By the way, the influx of devotees takes place here every day, but on Saturday and Tuesday special worship is done here. Considered to be a miracle, the fame of this Ranjit Hanuman temple has spread far and wide. Every devotee who worships Hanumanji definitely wants to come here. Someone asks Hanumanji for intelligence because he is intelligent. Devotion demands, because there is no devotee like Hanuman. Someone asks for force from him because he is Mahabali. Some ask for courage because they are Mahavira ri Hanuman is the Guru. From them we get teachings of restraint, celibacy and sacrifice. Lord Rama himself has also said that the one who will send Hanuman, understand that he will send me and will be eligible for my blessings. Kaal will be away from it. That is why devotees say, O Bajrangbali! Lord Shri Ram himself resides in your heart with mother Sita and brother Lakshman. Therefore, if you myself live in my heart, then I will be benefited. The devotees of Lord Hanuman who do such devotion always keep on getting from Hanuman.